Siamo quasi pronti per l'apertura! Contattaci e scopri tutte le proposte di questa nuova stagione 2023 Vi aspettiamo. Lo staff di Sesia Rafting


In this delicate moment it is necessary to take precautions to ensure maximum safety for participants and staff.

First of all, to participate in the activities it will be necessary to book in advance and come to the center with the registration sheets that we will send you by email.
Following the directives of the Italian Rafting Federation, of which we are part, we will apply an anti Covid protocol which provides:
• obligation to stay at home in the presence of fever (over 37.5 ° C.) or other flu and para-flu symptoms and to have to promptly communicate it in case the symptoms appear after entering the center;
• prohibition of access based on those who, in the last 14 days, have had contacts with subjects who have tested positive for Covid 19 or come from areas at risk according to the indications of the WHO or other competent Authority;
• commitment to keep the distance of 1 meter, both while attending the Rafting Center, and during all activities and transfers by minibus.
• use of masks and frequent hand sanitization during the stay in the Sports Center, transport and activities that require it;
• thorough sanitization of all equipment, means of transport and structures used.

To ensure the implementation of this protocol, at the entrance of the Center it will be necessary to undergo the detection of body temperature (via thermoscanner) and you will be required to sign a Covid-19 self-declaration, with self-certification of your health.

To carry out the activities we will proceed with the reduction of the number of participants who will form the groups both in the water and on the vans. For rafting the number of participants is reduced to 4. We therefore ask you for help in creating groups that can thus be managed privately.

We recommend to all participants:
- Come with the costume already on;
- reach the center with the mask and bring a spare one;
- bring a large bag to store all your clothes;
- bring a padlock for the locker of values, possibly with a lanyard to wear around the neck for the key;
- bring your own hairdryer;

We know that the application of all these rules will be very demanding for everyone and at times it will clash with the most playful spirit that characterizes our activities but we are sure together we will be able to find ways to cope with this "surreal" situation and return to the live the river with joy.