Eskimo roll course

The kayak roll (often referred to as an "Eskimo roll") is the act of righting a capsized kayak by use of body motion and/or a paddle. Typically this is done by lifting the torso towards the surface, flicking the hips to right the kayak halfway up and applying a righting force by means of the paddle while tucking close to the front or back deckIf you are just starting out, it is important to learn the kayak roll correctly from the beginning. If you are an experienced kayaker do not go one more season with a kayak roll that lets you down. Enhance it now and it will change your kayaking forever. With a bombproof kayak roll you will be able to experience the sport of whitewater kayaking at another level.
A perfect kayak (eskimo) roll is the most important foundation one can develop for progressing in the sport of whitewater kayaking. A functioning kayak roll enhances confidence and ensures fast progress in the sport. A marginal kayak roll will erode confidence and progress and be the reason for not kayaking up to your potential.


130 euro for the weekend including the equipment renting.

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