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Sesia Rafting asd team building e incentive aziendali
Sesia Rafting asd incentive aziendali con formatori e servizio catering
SesiaRAfting asd organizzazione eventi aziendali e team building
Presso Sesia Rafting asd organizziamo incentive aziendali con psicologi e formatori

Companies - Outdoor training-teambuilding

A drop of water is one of nature's most fragile creations,
but look what the drops can do when they flow together!

SESIA RAFTING is an ideal place to organize special events. River sports, rafting races, social and recreational events, guided nature excursions, film locations, etc.
We can also organize and host open air meetings and presentations for companies, associations and clubs management training, company incentives, entertainment, awards and P.R. initiatives.
Why should we choose a team building with SESIA RAFTING?
Forget traditional team building. Our belief that the outdoors provides the best environment for development and educational enhancement means that all of our team building activities are set outdoors in the wilds of Valsesia.
All challenges involve groups working within the beautiful surroundings of the Sesia Valley in Piemont. Using rivers, gorges, heritage forests and glens. Our challenges encourage "achievement and accomplishment" instead of evoking "fear and trepidation". All challenges are intended for you to have fun !!
May we suggest that to amplify the results, a combination of activities works particularly well. A team land event and one of our outdoor adventurous activities in a day - is hard to beat! SESIA RAFTING offers a fantastic approach to team improvement. If you or your company are planning some corporate activity day. Then some of the outdoor activities that we provide such as white water rafting, canyoning, hydrospeed make the perfect corporate activity days. Increasingly large numbers of corporate houses are turning to adventure sports as team building exercises. Adventure activities involve individuals working together and are fantastic team building exercises that help improve trust and team work.