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Security in the water!

This page was created with the intent to explain our concept of quality in the performance of river activities proposed.

Our center is affiliated to F.I.Raft.
The Italian Rafting Federation (FIRaft) operates since 1987 to make the sport of rafting usable in complete safety from every type of user. For this is recognized by F.I.C.K. (Italian Canoe and Kayak Federation) and by CONI (Italian Olympic Committee) and is the only Italian organization that provides assessment, training and the award of qualifications and patents for Teachers Guide and rafting.

Professionalism of the guides

FIRaft be driving means being constantly updated and tested on physical preparation, skills and professionalism in relating and interacting with the public, pressure resistance, ability to act and react under stress and to intervene with knowledge of first aid.

How many guides?

Even the best of the guides is not a "super hero" and is therefore essential that the river are always at least two guides in order to help and eventually manage emergency situations.

Contact with the head Quarter

All our guides are equipped with an underwater telephone to be always in contact with the base and able to intervene promptly in case of need.


All our material used boat is in good condition, undamaged and CE approved.
Depending on the task selection and the temperature will be distributed suitable materials and of different thickness. For each use all the material is disinfected in order to guarantee the hygiene.


Our Centre is assured with adequate policies and Liability Accidents that far exceed the minimum insurance required by CONI.


Our center was founded in 1978. Our team of Italian guides, who work for the past several years, is synonymous with harmony and respect for our business and passion.


The office, located in a strategic point of the valley and directly overlooking the river, allows us to minimize the transfers to reach the river.
Spaces and large property allow us to offer our members the appropriate place for the sport and for the enjoyment of the whole day outside the city with friends and family.
The fron office is open all day, is synonymous with professionalism and ensures coordination and punctuality in carrying out activities.

From what written it will be clear that ensure the necessary standards of safety and professionalism has a inevitable cost : we invite you to consider carefully any promotions which diverges considerably the offer market average.