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Rafting nelle Gole del Sesia con la nostra mascotte Aria
Divertimento assicurato facendo rafting con Sesia Rafting
Rafting in Valsesia sul fiume Sesia tratto Classico con Sesia Rafting ASD
Gommoni fotografati dal ponte romano di Muro nelle Gole del Sesia

Rafting Classic trip

What we offer:

The most beautiful stretch of the River Sesia that flows into Valsesia, in Piedmont. 10km in where you will face the famous rapids of the Sesia: Cutter, Slalom, Drunk, Igloo, Morca and Factory which are placed between Balmuccia and Varallo Sesia villages. The school provides all the equipment you need (neoprene wetsuit, water jacket, helmet and buoyancy aid).

Who should attend:

suitable for everybody, even beginners and neophytes, but especially to lovers of the river.


After a training made by the guide, you can address one of the most beautiful and funny trips.

What to bring:

swimsuit, running shoes to get wet, technical T-shirt, wool socks, and everything needed for the shower.




Adults Euro 60 per person; Children 13-17 years old 50 euro


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